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Enlight yourself with positivity around you…!!!
Hello, dear readers…!!!

I am not a professional blogger. I have started writing blogs because I think apart from bookish knowledge we should also learn how to broaden our ideas on living life. Its high time we should change our narrow minded thinking. My blogs will be basically related to teenage problems and it will be motivational. Moreover I will be expressing my ideas on living life….!!!

Choice of Friendship

From childhood we are being taught to read books. From Panchatantra to Dan Brown series, we have gone through so many books. But have you realized why reading books is necessary? Let me tell you friends, book teaches us life’s lesson without giving us pain or hurting us as life does. In life it is very important to choose best kind of friend circle. Peer pressure has great influence in everyone’s life. I have mentioned about reading books as it teaches us about different people without actually interacting with them.
“Let your friends be the friends of your deliberate choice”. A good friend will always guide you in right path, will always support you no matter how hard is the situation and moreover will always walk beside you and will make you feel very special. 


Replacing the smoke on your face with a smile today will replace illness in your life with happiness tomorrow…”

Hello dear readers..!

Here, I am back with a topic which will not only open the eyes of chainsmokers but will give them a new perspective of life..!

Life is too short to be distorted by the smoke of cigarettes. Only the stupidest person on this earth would ever want to invite cancer and other ugly diseases, when life has so much to offer including romantic hugs and kisses. *wink*.

Cigarettes are lovely and attractive, it has got an attractive husky smell, but remember you have promises to keep and miles to go before you sleep.

So many years of education becomes a waste once you choose a path which shouldn’t be chosen. It is completely absurd to spend money on something which can only buy disease. 

Just for once, try to look at eyes of your loved ones, you will realize why you should QUIT SMOKING today..!!!

Thank you..!!


In the way to success we often become selfish and self centered, we forget our JOURNEY which was hard enough.. we forget that we weren’t born successful , we were made successful. We all have someone in our life, to whom we owe our success. But often we forget the hardship of others on us. When we look back, we get know that there were so many people who has lend their hands in making success pillars for us. It’s our prime duty to acknowledge everyone’s effort. 
In our life we will face many situations where we have to sacrifice our needs, our dreams for the sake of our loved one, feel privileged to do that, as not everyone can live for others. Life tests you at every single step, result would depend on the quality of decision you make. There are many people who lives away from family for their dreams and many lives away from their dreams for their family, but neither is recommended. In both cases, you will never be completely happy and satisfied. So live your dreams and be with your family. Always remember to take right decision at right time. Problems keeps coming in our life, and the best way to escape it is to face it.

Be an all rounder, try to take care of everything which bothers you. Success always doesn’t mean how much money you earn, it also means how many hearts you have won.

“Always remember, selfish success won’t be remember ever”.

You cannot slay people and their feelings just to clear your way to success. Remember god is watching everything, and time can change any moment. So always try to be good and selfless…!!!


Its not necessary that those who get higher marks are more successful… success always belongs to those who have quantity with quality… by saying quantity I mean students with high grades..Okay try to recollect , how many  success stories are there  where an achiever was a high scorer..umm I could nt recollect any..!! Do you know friends why we aren’t able to get good marks in our subjects…?Answer is simple..”we are not good at memorising or understanding something which is not devised or created or simply not done by us..” And its not our fault as our education system doesn’t test our intelligence, it tests our memory. Sigh.. !! Then why not creating something our own…? Something which is  the product of our very own thought. Something which only we are capable to do. Never worry if you are not able to find your potential. Try doing everything, experiment with everything around you that amazes you. In fact I am also experimenting with my writing skill. Always remember one thing, we all are born with several purposes.. we are alive because our purpose of taking birth in this world  has yet not fulfilled. Not everyone is born to become an IITian, an AIIMS doctor, NLUs lawyer, IIMs business man…some are born to create such institutes, some are born to teach such scholars, some are born to become bankers, journalist, psychologist, professor, musician, director , actor, contractor, sports man and what not. Our focus should be on becoming educated one not only literate. The true educated person will respect each and every profession. Its society’s fault that they don’t pay much heed to these careers , its their failure that they have not developed into a broad minded person…never feel upset for what you are doing.. Except if you are not stealing, violating laws and creating nuisance and violence around you…Always be proud of who you are. Never stop believing in yourself. Keep striving hard. One day all early morning and late night works would pay..!!!


Hello dear readers…!!!

From past so many years, its a common drawback in every young generation that in unripened age they indulge themselves in some of the social evils of the society. We reason such things as a consequence of failure, depression, lack of perseverance and endurance, ultimately we put all blame on the victim. Its a grim reality of today’s era that with advancement of technology, our thinking is becoming narrow and outdated. Today with so many means of communication, we fail to communicate with our near and dear ones. Realisation comes to us as an aftermath of fatal incident. There are so many inspirational and motivational videos, books available around us, we do take help of it but still the burning question is  ‘ why we ends up taking erroneous decision in our life?’ , which completely ruins our life. We are in a habit of blaming others for any wrong thing going around us. But just for one minute, think deeply, who actually should be blame??..Its very easy to stand in a comfortable position and give advice or comment critically, but it takes a lot to go on the field and take the responsibility to change. Instead of being a social critic, it will be good if you will be a social reformer. Mahatma Gandhi has said ” If you want to see the change, be the change first “.

Its a gloomy thing for us that even after so many years of education nobody taught us the importance of having a good heart, actual meaning of success. Sigh..!!..Life is not merely about eating, earning and living for yourself, even animals live for them self. 

Life is about creating passion for living it, its about reaching to every soul and understanding fathomless love and pain, happiness and sorrow with a greater meaning. Through my blog, I just want to convey that, let’s stop living in virtual world, let’s be kind to everyone, let’s understand others need so that they don’t fall in a pit full of evils. Let’s spread love and humanity everywhere, let’s lend at least our beautiful smile who are in trouble and make them feel that they are not alone. Let’s make everyone around us feel that we believe on them. A little change in our attitude towards life, towards people can make a lot of difference. We all know even a journey of miles starts with a small single step. So let’s take that step, let’s change our thinking and attitude…!!


Success and failure are part of and downs keeps on coming ….and blah..! blah..!!blah..!!! There are lot of people saying and quoting such big lines, but I know its quite difficult to convince our self with these lines. Yes its difficult to face a situation when we find our colleagues getting success and we are standing still, when our expectations bring disappointment for us. Its hard when our near and dear ones give up on us. But keep calm…!! Look inside yourself, what’s missing..??? Its the fire of learning. Ignite that fire once again. Make a new start. Its never too late to be what you want to be. Don’t wait for your fate. Learn to write your own fate. And most important of all, never compare the first chapter of your life with somebody’s  twentieth chapter. Trust yourself, believe on yourself. Its not the end, just a start of new chapter…keep reading it and if you don’t like, then change the content of it.

” If you will believe on yourself, you will become strong; but if you will believe on others, you will be weakened”.

Believe that you can do….!!!


Hello dear readers…!! Let me first ask you, who has stolen your beautiful smile? Bf/Gf/friend/relative/colleague/stranger. If they have done, then it simply means they don’t love you. And if someone doesn’t love you, for that person you don’t have to sacrifice the most beautiful thing in you. Your smile. If god have stolen your smile, then trust me he has better plan for you dear. Remember, today if you lose something without which you have not thought of living, then god will replace it with something which you have never dreamt of having. Don’t be sad for what happened today or in past, be happy for what good can happen in future. Sadness and happiness are part of life, they comes and goes. So what if sadness comes before. Always remember we all have to lose in front of death, but as of now, learn to win from life. Our life is very unpredictable, we really don’t have any idea, what will happen in next moment. So why stressing about something which isn’t in our hand. Learn the art of forgetting things and forgiving people which once had hurt you. Try to figure out positivity everywhere. Trust me, it do exist. Smile at those things which has given you pain, and show how strong you are. Life will knock you down more than 1000 times, so get up every time and show life that you are not born to give up so easily. If your mother have given up in labour room, you wouldn’t have born today. If your mom can bear the pain, why can’t you my dear friend. You know, life is too short to be serious, so smile, laugh, dance, sing, scream before you go to sleep with no applause. Remember we all are born with a PURPOSE and till you don’t accomplish it, keep striving, keep smiling, keep spreading  love and happiness. And yes spread your love and happiness with those who are in need of it, who really deserves it. Make your every moment count.

So  please never let your smile go off your face…!!